lET'S CREATE A  better future !

ASMS is bridge between Switzerland and the World ! 

We are here to help people from East and West, South and North! 

We helped   Islamic Community in Serbia as well as Jewish Community , without difference.

Our slogan is: people are the same all over the world,  the difference is  in temperament and character. Everything else  is the same !!



                    Roma, Italy, Dec. 2015 

 Ms Jovanovic , ASMS's Medical Expert Team Chief  Dr Biljana Parapid (2.f.l.) and Mr Robert Jovanovic.

                                   Geneve, Nov. 2015 

   The Princess Carina Organization, Galla Event 


With a  books ASMS has support our Partners Org. The Princess Carina Organization by  2nd Galla of Nations  /donor event/ in Geneva, Nov.2015. 

ASMS Books Aid Project :

In 3 years,we delivered more than 32.000 books ( worth around 325.000 Swiss Francs)  to 8 countires. The Project is in a progress for additional   14 countries.  



*Yvory Cost & Uganda (Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom) : ASMS is developing a new projects & programs for Uganda (Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom) & Yvory Cost , (construction of 3 schools with kitchen and ambulance). Call us and be a part of this new programs. 

* CALL FOR DONATIONS: ASMS is  looking for a support for better implementation of our programms & projects. We came on a "level of implementation " of all our Projects that we need NOW donors & sponsors ( financial, material, logistic ). Please contat us for more information ! 


Honors for a President of ASMS  Dr hc multi Zoran Vitorovic :

* Order of Sword & Silence, Cyprus Sovereign Knight Order 

* Medal of Merit, Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom (Uganda) 

* Medal for outstanding contribution for a development of cultural diplomacy, Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom (Uganda)